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Commercial Flooring

For commercial spaces, the type of flooring you choose not only creates your office environment, but also leaves a perception and impact upon your current and future customers. Sav-On helps you choose the right type of flooring for these very decisions so that your business can thrive and impress.

What Type of Commercial Carpet is Right For Me?

Broadloom Carpet vs. Carpet Tiles
Both Broadloom Carpet and Carpet Tiles have the mutual benefit of noise cancellation, a soft feel underfoot, and a wide variety of custom textures, designs, and colors. But let’s break down the differences between these two products and help you make the right choice for your space.

Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpet is more traditional, and thus more widely used. Its versatility is prized due to its custom patterns and colors. Broadloom carpet is shipped in a very large roll. From there, it is ready to be cut to size and installed.

Broadloom also carries the advantage of being able to cover a large office space with one wall-to-wall design.


  • Infinite design possibilities - whether modern or sophisticated, the design possibilities are endless
  • Softer underfoot - the underlay provides more cushion
  • Cheaper - generally cheaper than carpet tile per square foot, depending on the space’s design and shape
  • Hidden Seams - the wall-to-wall installation means little to no seams, and where there are, they are hidden with a chemical seam hiding process.


  • Potentially more wasteful- due to the “cut-to-fit” process, which can create more waste
  • Potentially more expensive- unnecessary and unused materials can offset savings
  • More time-consuming to install- the underlay is installed first, then the carpet, then it must be cut and sealed
  • Cumbersome to repair/replace- where a tile can be easily replaced, broadloom has to be entirely replaced, including the underlay

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are pre-cut, square pieces of carpet designed to be directly installed onto a floor, similar to porcelain tiles. Their underlay is built-in, thereby eliminating the need for a separate pad, which reduces cost and labor.

They are low-maintenance, and tiles can be easily cleaned and replaced. There are many design options that broadloom has a harder time presenting, especially checkered and textured patterns. However, there are design limitations: they may not be the best for larger office spaces.


  • Quick and Easy Installation - The pre-cut design with built-in underlay make carpet tiles easy and fast to install
  • Custom Designs - Limitless designs and the option of laying tiles in traditional checkered pattern or even something edgier or more aesthetically pleasing
  • Very low maintenance - it is very easy to repair or replaced a stained or damaged tile without causing disruption to the rest of your floor


  • Typically more expensive - the ease of pre-cut pieces and installation comes with a heavier price compared to broadloom
  • Seams are visible - since the tiles are unsealed, you can see the seams; however, a checkered pattern may be a visually pleasing design to you
  • Not as soft underfoot - without the separate padding that broadloom has, tile is not quite as soft to the foot

Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber stair treads are resilient, vulcanized products designed for permanent installation. This product’s durability and dimensional stability make it an ideal choice for high traffic commercial spaces, and also add safety for reducing slips and falls. Sav-On rubber stair treads come in a multitude of designs, colors, and profiles.

Safety abrasive strips are standard on some product lines. Also, we can add ribbed rubber inserts and custom strips for extra traction or for the visually impaired. For added safety, some have self-illuminating photo-luminescent abrasive glow strips in darkened conditions.